Choosing to pay for Renewable Natural Gas from FortisBC is a benign waste of money, at best. But it might be much worse than that.

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Avoiding 1 tonne of CO2e by purchasing renewable natural gas from FortisBC costs $140. That’s 250% *higher than the price of carbon in British Columbia which is currently at $40 per tonne of CO2e. Even the estimated social cost of carbon is less, at somewhere between $50 - $100 per tonne.

It would be bad enough if you were just wasting the money, but it gets worse. By giving extra money to FortisBC for no particularly good reason, you’re funding an organization that is known to lobby against green building regulations.

What should an eco-conscious person do instead?

  • Take the money you would have put toward renewable natural gas, and donate it to the Citizen’s Climate Lobby instead.
  • If you have a gas range/stove/cooktop, consider replacing it with an induction cooktop or induction hotplate. Induction cooking is far more energy-efficient than gas cooking.
  • If you live in a mild climate, try installing a heat pump to heat your home more efficiently.

(*Based on the calculator offered by FortisBC on this page.)